Chelsea City Councillor (and my homie) Damali Vidot-Rosa and me

I create opportunities to learn this approach to circle process year-round in several locations around the country.  In addition, we work with individual organizations to provide in-house learning opportunities.  I also work with organizations interested in fully integrating circle practice into their daily lives.  I highly recommend that organizations engaged in circle practice take a systemic approach to circles implementation by thinking through and changing practices pertaining to community/constituent engagement, staff management, program development, evaluation, and strategic planning.  Implementing circle process within an organizational setting requires external sustained coaching by experienced circle practitioners who understand organizational development processes.

I am committed to creating practitioner opportunities for community building and cross sector collaboration.  As part of this commitment, I host open circle processes for people who are interested in deepening both their technical skill as well as their philosophical foundations in order to optimize their work as circle practitioners when invited to do so.  I believe that the practice of circles needs to be supported by ongoing practitioner reflection and learning.  I also believe that it is critical for practitioners to build community with other practitioners in order to access needed peer support and networking opportunities.

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